Lei, Fang and Kuang have the same surname origins.
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In ancient times, there was a vassal state named FangLei. their descendants took the first name of the vassal state as their surname, Lei. During the yellow emperor period, there was a man named ChaMing Lei, who was as famous as Fu Yu. Lei surname was known from this time on. The son of Yu Wang, the eighth generation descendant of Emperor Yan Shen Nong's family, was named XiangHuang Lei. Since meritorious deeds were rewarded in Fangshan, XiangHuang Lei's descendants took the place name as their surname, Fang. Sso, Fang surname came from Lei surname. During the Tang Dynasty Xi Zong period, an official named Fang Yin Fu gave Yin Fu Fang's fifth son, Ting Ying, a new surname, Kuang, because of his meritorious service in attacking Chao Huang. Or, Ting Ying changed her surname to Kuang because she was afraid of Huang Chao. So Kuang surname comes from Fang surname. The descendants of Lei moved to Henan and lived in Fengyi County ‏(now Shanxi Province)‏. Fang surname is known to everyone because of Zhou dynasty uncle Fang, who lives in Henan. Kuang's descendants live in Lujiang ‏(now Anhui Province)‏. Later Yu Ping was named Xuancheng Hou. Kuang's descendants are known for Yu Ping, so Kuang's descendants all live in Xuancheng County. The descendants of Ting Ying, Yi Ping, who lives in Nanjing and has four sons, Yan, Rang, Cheng, Zhun.Zhun’s daughter Shu Li, were elected as imperial concubines by the emperor Dynasty Song Gaozong. The emperor honored Xuancheng with earnest greetings.The emperor conferred the surname Kuang on him and renamed his fief Xuancheng. Later, Zhun moved to Nanxiong Zhujili, Later, he moved again to Dazheng Village FuNan Nanhai Guangzhou.
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